How to use Windows 10 on Android: Master Guide

If you use a computer then you must have heard about the Windows operating system. Windows operating system is an amazing and user-friendly easy to use Operating system in the market, but you have ever run Windows operating system on any Smartphone if no then here we will tell you how to use Windows 10 on Android using an amazing trick.

If you use our trick, you do not need a high-specs mobile to run Windows 10 on your smartphone, you can run Windows 10 on a decent smartphone with low to medium specs.

To run Windows 10 on Smartphone, you just need a stable internet connection on your mobile because the method that we will use to run Windows 10 on a smartphone, will require better Internet you will need at least 1 megabits per second or above. 

You will find many ways on the Internet, but those methods are very lengthy and require some technical skills to use those methods on your smartphone. Some of the tricks require root access on your Android smartphone which will destroy your smartphone’s privacy and your smartphone can be hacked and hackers can steal your personal information.

And using those methods, the entire load of the operating system falls on the central processing unit of your mobile i.e. the CPU, which also causes the malfunction, lag of your mobile.

To use such a method, it is very important for you to have a mobile with high specs, because if you try these methods in low specs mobile, then your mobile can be crashed and can be dead also.

But aside from all these methods, we will tell you about a different method. To use this method, you will not have to install any type of launcher in your smartphone, nor do you need to root your smartphone because in this method we will use VPS (Virtual Private Server) in mobile to run Windows 10, perfectly without any problem or error.

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Windows will run on the VPS server, not on your Smartphone. You only need a stable internet connection and a web browser to access and use the VPS server’s Windows on your Smartphone.

And also, you can use this trick on iPhone, Desktop, iPad to enjoy free VPS with Windows 10.

How to use Windows 10 on Android: Step by Step Guide

How to use Windows 10 on Android

How to use Windows 10 on Android

As I told you we will use VPS to run Windows 10 on Android smartphones. We will use Apponfly’s VPS to run Windows on smartphones. to use Windows 10, you will not need to create an account on Apponfly you can use Apponfly VPS without any account.

You will get 60 minutes of a free trial of VPS with Windows 10 on Apponfly. If you want to use Apponfly’s free Windows VPS more than once So you can easily get more free trials of Apponfly VPS using free VPN because Apponfly uses the IP address to track users.

After knowing all these things now we will know How to use Windows 10 on Android using Apponfly’s VPS server. 

  1. Firstly to use VPS with installed Windows we will go to Apponfly’s official website (Click here to go to the website).
  2. After going to Apponfly’s website scroll down and click on the “Free Trial” button.
  3. A new window will open where your 60 minutes free trial will automatically be activated.
  4. Now enjoy your free VPS with pre-installed windows with high internet speed.

Note: After some time it will ask you to fill in your email address to continue. You have to fill in your email address on that field to enjoy a free VPS server benefit.

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