How to get free ROBUX in 2021: Legal Method

Roblox is a fantasy world of cartoons and embodiment, where you can design a modern world of people who look like characters of your imagination, such as a character in a cartoon movie and games.

Curios to know How to get free ROBUX, so read fully

There are some things in a game or a movie that we like and some things are such that we feel that it should be according to our imagination.

So in a line, in Roblox, you can create a world according to your imagination and can also earn money from it.

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How to download ROBLOX and How to get free ROBUX

For Android

To download or install the Roblox app on your Android device, first, go to the Play Store and search  “Roblox” in the search box.

Click on the first result or you can also download the Roblox app on your Android device by clicking here. use this trick “how to get infinite Robux”


To-Download “ROBLOX” on your iPhone,  first go to the Apple App Store, search by typing Roblox in the search box of the Apple App Store.

You will find many results, out of which you can find Roblox App and click to install or if you do not want to follow these steps (described in this para…)then you can download the Roblox app by clicking here.

How to get free ROBUX

As I told you that in Roblox you can bring the characters of your imagination according to your creativity, In ROBLOX, you can also create characters of your mind and sell them, so that you can earn a good amount.

like every app, you will also get to see some restrictions in  ROBLOX. you will get to see many things for free, using which you can make good characters, but if you want to make different looking or different looking artists,

Then you will need to buy the ROBLOX app’s currency “ROBUX”, which is a little bit expensive

So today, I will tell you how you can get Robux for free in Roblox App.

1.go to this website on “Start!”

3.Fill your Roblox Username and hit Enter

4.Click on “Earn”

In this app, you can get a lot of Robux for free by buying an apps subscription and taking the 6 survey

Withdrawal on Withdrawal

2.Now in step 1, click the On join button and join the Roblox group.

3.In step 2, enter the amount you wanted to Withdrawal.

4.In the last step click on “Request”.

Now enjoy

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