Awesome Apps For Android/IOS: Must Try in 2021

When mobile was invented in the year 1973, people of that time would never have imagined that a small looking object would prove to be so much helpful for their generations in the future.

After the invention of mobile in 1973, mobile also became more advanced over time. Now you can do even any work on mobile, whether it is education or entertainment smartphone has made many of our tasks easier.

According to a report in 2020, over 28 lakh apps are available on Google Play Store, out of which it is very difficult to find good and helpful apps. 

So today, we will tell you the Awesome Apps For Android/IOS in the Play Store/App Store or some such apps of Android which should be on your smartphone.

Awesome Apps For Android/IOS


Awesome Apps For Android/IOS

If you love your talent and profession very much and want to make your career in it, then this app will prove to be very good for you because in this app you will be shown only things related to your own profession, so in this app you According to your interest, you can read articles or watch videos and you can also listen to podcasts.

6.Calculator App (Can hide photos and videos)

Awesome Apps For Android/IOS

In the name of this app, you will think that it is a simple calculator app, but in this app, you can keep your important photos and videos hidden.

When you open this application for the first time, you will not feel that in this app you will hide your photos and videos Its interface is just like a calculator, when you install this application on your smartphone, it will ask you what password you want to use on this app.
This APP is better for those who want to keep their personal data secure.


Awesome Apps For Android/IOS

This app is a great app to sync files available in your mobile. It is available for all platforms especially Android which is our subject.

The app is run by an American company headquartered in San Francisco, California. This is a great app that gets facilities like cloud storage, personal cloud, file synchronization, client software, etc.

4.Google Camera

Awesome Apps For Android/IOS

This is a great camera app, with the help of which you can click high quality photos, this has been made by Google. In this you will get to see many features, which may not be in your mobile, this app is especially best for those whose mobiles have become a bit old, in which the photos and camera quality are not good. 

This app provides many features to such mobiles such as night mode, portrait mode etc. and its output is also very good

Stock Camera V/S Google Camera

Awesome Apps For Android/IOS

3.PicShot(edit photos in one click)

Awesome Apps For Android/IOS

Friends, this is my personal favorite application, if you want to edit photos but don’t know editing, then with the help of this app you can edit your photos in neon styles in very less time. 

I liked this APP because as soon you put your photo in it, the Artificial Intelligence Of this app is very advanced that according to your photo you will start seeing the effects. 

You can also adjust its effects. With this app, you can also create your impression on your friends.


Awesome Apps For Android/IOS

This app is very cool, especially for those who are very active on social media, in this app you can reface your face in a video or in a gif. 

This app is very advanced because its artificial intelligence is so much more accurate, which makes your refaced video extremely realistic. 

When you see the output of this app, you will also be surprised because the output of this app will look exactly like you. This is my personal favorite app that I liked very much.

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Awesome Apps For Android/IOS Winner


Awesome Apps For Android/IOS

Using this app called Magic call You can change your voice on the call. in Magic call, you can change any voice to a female voice. 

When you change your voice using Magic call and talk to someone on the phone, you will not even believe that this is my voice. 

In Magic call, you can talk not only in the voice of a female but also in the voice of a robot, Voice of an old person, and also in the voice of a small child.

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