WhatsApp is a very good application for online communication with more than 2 billion active users worldwide currently with the help of which you can send text messages, voice messages, video messages to anyone worldwide.

Due to having so many active users on WhatsApp, I think a lot of you must be using WhatsApp.

So are you curious to know How to disable WhatsApp or how to go invisible on WhatsApp?

While using WhatsApp, something like this must have happened to you too, Which might have forced you to  become invisible on WhatsApp


If you want to be invisible on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Then you can get Log out or sign out with your ID on all these social media platforms So that you can be invisible on these social media platforms 

But if you use WhatsApp then let me tell you, On WhatsApp, you don’t get to see any option that makes you invisible.

To get invisible on WhatsApp, you don’t see any other option other than uninstalling WhatsApp, but if you have been using WhatsApp for a long time 


Then uninstalling WhatsApp will not be so easy for you because if you do  uninstall it, along with the uninstallation of this app,


All the data available in your app like MESSAGES, photos, videos, etc. will also be deleted which you can bring back only when you have a full backup of WhatsApp.

But if you do not want to uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile and do not want to get into any such mess 


And want to know some ways that you can easily make invisible on WhatsApp or you want to disable WhatsApp. So now your search ends by coming to this post.

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Here you will know how you can be invisible in your WhatsApp app. Here I will tell you about 6 ways in total, step by step to go temporarily invisible and 1 pro tip to go permanently invisible on WhatsApp so that you do not have any kind of trouble and you can easily invisible on WhatsApp.


How to disable WhatsApp temporarily and Go Invisible on WhatsApp

How to disable WhatsApp: Go Invisible on WhatsApp

1.Change your default Message Notification sound

To be invisible on WhatsApp, you can turn off the notifications sounds of your WhatsApp so that you will not get notification sound of messages, videos, photos, etc. but on WhatsApp, you can’t direct switch off notification sound. 
To remove the notification sound, you can Record a 2 minutes none noisy sound from your Smartphone or you can search on the internet for none noisy sound for your WhatsApp’s Default Notification sound
To change the notification sound in WhatsApp, create and save a ringtone without any sound and follow this guide. Open WhatsApp >> Tap on three dot >> Tap Settings >> Notifications
Now you have to make the ringtone you made as your default notification sound on WhatsApp, you can do this by choosing this file. You can also make this sound as a call ringtone if you want. 

2.Disable WhatsApp’s Notification sounds from Android Settings

Like changing the default notification sound of WhatsApp, You can disable all the notifications of WhatsApp from your Android panel or settings also so that you can be invisible to WhatsApp even better. It will benefit you that you will not get any type of notification through WhatsApp.
To disable, WhatsApp Notifications follow this guide
Mobile Settings >> App or App Management >> WhatsApp >> Notifications >> Toggle Off the WhatsApp Notification

3.Disable WhatsApp Data consumption 

You can disable the permission to use WhatsApp data by going to the internal settings of your mobile. When you disable WhatsApp’s permission to not use data by going in the settings of mobile.
it will not cause any kind of data consumption by WhatsApp, so neither will you be able to messages anyone and if anyone messages you, the blue tick will not be visible which will make it easier for you to become invisible.
If you want to apply this setting on your mobile’s WhatsApp data consumption settings then follow the guide given below
Mobile Settings >> Apps or App Management >> WhatsApp >> Mobile Data and WIFI >> Disable both Mobile data and WIFI.

4.Force Stop your WhatsApp

You can force stop your WhatsApp by going to mobile settings. When you force stop WhatsApp from the settings, 
your Android system stops all the processes running in the background of WhatsApp so that the process running in the background of WhatsApp is not open (unless you open it.) and WhatsApp is unable to track you.
In such a situation, if someone sends a message to you, then the notification of that message will not come because you have stopped WhatsApp, which has stopped the background process of WhatsApp and it will not even send a blue tick to the sender.
Follow the below guide to force stop WhatsApp by going to Android Settings
Mobile Settings >> Apps or App Management >> WhatsApp >> Click Force Stop 
Note: Do not open WhatsApp after hitting the force stop Button If you open WhatsApp after force stopping it, it will start the background process of WhatsApp automatically, so you will have to force stop WhatsApp once again.

5.Turn off blue tick below any content

It will be very beneficial for you to be invisible on WhatsApp. If you apply this to WhatsApp on your mobile, then any text messages, videos, or photos anyone sends you,
and if you accidentally opened the content will not show a blue tick under the content, because after applying this setting you will be invisible to anyone.
To off Blue tick on your WhatsApp follow the below guide.
Open WhatsApp >> Tap on three dot >> Tap Settings >> Accounts >> Privacy option >> 
Toggle off Read Receipts

6.Turn off  Last Seen on WhatsApp 

if you have not opened WhatsApp for a while and if you open WhatsApp after a while, then whoever is connected to you on WhatsApp can go to your profile and know when you came online.
Meaning that he can see that you were last seen on WhatsApp at which time, it will make it difficult for you to be invisible on WhatsApp.
if you want to avoid this problem and don’t want to show when and when you were last seen on WhatsApp, you can easily change this setting with the help of the guide given below.
Open WhatsApp >> Tap on three dot >> Tap Settings >> Accounts >> Privacy option >> Change the option from my contacts to nobody

How to disable WhatsApp permanently and Go Invisible on WhatsApp

How to disable WhatsApp: Go Invisible on WhatsApp


As I told you in the beginning that in the last step I will tell you about a pro tip that you will not need to do all the above tasks and you can be invisible on your WhatsApp with just one click. 
Using this trick, your WhatsApp account will be deleted from WhatsApp’s database and if someone wants to send you a message or any type of content, your account will not be visible to them and WhatsApp will tell them that this user is not registered on WhatsApp.
To use this trick follow the guide given below.
Open WhatsApp >> Tap on three dot >> Tap Settings >> Accounts >> Click Delete my account
Note: Remember that you should use this trick only if you have a full backup of WhatsApp because if you use this trick without any backup, then all your text messages, videos, photos, etc. are also deleted on your mobile together with your account on WhatsApp.

My view on how to go Invisible on WhatsApp 

As you all know WhatsApp is a big online communication app that people use worldwide. WhatsApp’s name has been Memorized by everyone,
Now if we have to send a text message through someone, or send photos or videos to someone, then only WhatsApp’s name comes on our tongue.
In such a situation, something must have happened to you, due to which you must have felt to go invisible on WhatsApp.
So I have told you the solution to this problem here so that your problem can be solved. Here I have given you a total of 6 ways to explain step-by-step to go Temporarily invisible on WhatsApp
And in the last, I have told you about a pro tip so that you can become permanently invisible on WhatsApp. You can use all these tricks according to your needs.

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