What is Reverse Charging in smartphone technology?

Reverse charging is a new form of charging in which the mobile phone gets charged from another phone’s battery via USB cable, instead of being charged from a smartphone’s charger, nor from any source that can charge your smartphone.

Reverse charging, or just smartphone charging, is the traditional charging method of smartphones. Reverse charging, however, which is increasingly becoming popular, has several advantages, one of which is, people who are travelers and if they forgot to carry their charger or power bank and if they needed to charge their smartphone, so they can charge their smartphone using reverse charging devices such as – Reverse charging supported smartphone.

What is Reverse Charging in smartphones?Allowing smartphones to be charged via the reverse charging method, would be much more convenient and easier as users would not have to worry about recharging their smartphones if they have reverse charging supported smartphones.

One of the biggest benefits of Reverse Charging is that devices can be charged reversely without having a charger, charger socket, electricity, etc. If you forgot to carry the charger of your smartphone and wanted to access any type of important data on your device then this reverse charging will solute your problem.

This is the biggest reason that why reverse charging is beneficial and useful. This will be also very convenient, as it could offer a way to charge devices when you aren’t at your home or office and can also solve your smartphone charging problem.

Until now, smartphone users had only two options for charging to charge a device, wired charging or wireless charging. Wireless charging is quite popular, and many smartphones have already adopted this method, which is quite easy to do. You only have to put your smartphone on a wireless charging device and that’s it.

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However, in some cases, this charging method is not available for some users because of a number of reasons. This includes some devices that don’t support wireless charging if the user needs to charge their smartphone and if the smartphone doesn’t support wireless charging, the only way the user has is Reverse charging (Excluding Normal charging via the mobile charger, if the user doesn’t have charger, electricity, etc.)

The user can use a Power Bank or a reverse charging supported device that can provide the power to charge the user’s Smartphone.


What is Reverse Charging and how to use it?

Basically, reverse charging is a process to transfer power from a smartphone to another smartphone or any other device with a USB port. This method is called reverse charging But how is the charge being transferred to a phone in reverse? To explain the process, we need to understand the traditional method of charging a mobile phone.

It usually takes 2-3 hours to charge a smartphone. One has to plug it into a power supply in a proper manner. When the phone gets connected to a charging machine, the electricity charges to it. The chargers also have an indicator light, showing that power is being transferred to the smartphone.

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Reverse charging was firstly introduced in apple smartphones. Apple company was the first company to introduce Reverse charging in smartphones. This technology works USB type “C” to transfer power to another smartphone but in some smartphones that come with a normal micro USB. The USB type “C” is faster than micro USB and it can also withstand 100 watts of power that micro USB can’t.

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If your smartphone or tablet uses USB type “C” and supports Reverse charging or two-way charging then congratulations, you can use your smartphone to charge another smartphone via a USB cable.

If you have confirmed that your device support two-way charging and you wanted to use this feature on your smartphone then below you can read a step-by-step guide over how to use reverse charging.

How to use Reverse Charging in smartphone

If you want to use reverse charging then firstly you will need-: Reverse charging device, OTG cable if recipient mobile doesn’t have USB type “C” and most important a USB cable which we will use to transfer energy from your smartphone to another smartphone. If you have all these things, that means you are ready to use reverse charging.

1. Attach OTG cable to your Smartphone and attach USB cable on OTG cable.

What is Reverse Charging in smartphones?

2. Now connect micro USB to recipient’s smartphone and that’s it.

What is Reverse Charging in smartphones?

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