Best free no internet games to download in 2021?

no internet games to download

Hello guys, today we are here to discuss the best no internet games to download. Many peoples have an Internet connection in their homes, and many peoples do not have an internet connection. So, playing games is just enjoying our free time. There are various apps on Play Store or App store for no internet games download. But the question arrives which is the top ones? So, we decided to prefer the best no internet game to download from Play Store or App Store, which comes to the arcade, shooting, action, adventure, and many more varieties. If you are looking to download this type of categories games, then go through our post. It is full of free and even it is offline games. 


1. Down well

Down well is very challenging gameplay with complicated moves. You have to climb the well using the gun boots that are equipped on your body. You got the various controls and movable direction buttons on your smartphone screen. After climbing the well, you got the option to shoot the enemies, barriers. After half gameplay or during the gameplay, you can also upgrade your ammo, other guns or equipment, vests, and helmets. There are 3D graphics to look at which are compatible with your smartphone version. 


2. Shadow fight 2 

Shadow Fight 2 has been developed by Nekki action and fighting games. It is based on classic fighting games. It is an offline gameplay mode. If we look for the features inside the game, we have to equip various characters, unlimited deadly weapons or Lethal weapons to select, armor sets, animated martial arts, defeat the enemies. The graphics are adjustable and compatible with the version of your smartphone. There are various levels to unlock step by step to go ahead in the game. Overall it is pretty good enough to try it if you are looking for no internet games to download. 

3. Unblock me

Unblock me is mainly developed by Kira games Co, Ltd. It is based on a classic puzzle game. You will face tough and challenging puzzle games to solve, which also helps sharpen your mindset. If we look for the features inside the game, you will face no internet connection, online and offline mode both, the most minor data to download, over 40,000 puzzles to unlock. You got three different types of ways the relaxed mode, challenge mode, daily puzzle mode. The graphics are very much compatible. So you should try and go for it if you are looking for no internet games to download. 

4. Death trigger

Death trigger is based on the storyline gameplay of Zombies. The developer has immersed 3D graphics in it to look unique and stunning. In this game, basically, the mission is to defeat the Zombies using a variety of deadly weapons. While beating the Zombies, you will get coins for each. After collecting the cash, you can purchase various items from the store by coins like deadly weapons, vests, helmets, and other equipment like a grenade that you have to face some dashing experience in the game. Overall it is good enough to try it because even it is offline, and it comes to the category of no internet games to download. 

5. Flipflop solitaire

Flipflop Solitaire is something different from all the cards or solitaire games. This is a single-play mode game with computer opponents. It comes with 5 dealing cards. After entering the game, the game will deal you in a portrait mode giving you the option to arrange your cards in ascending or descending order. It is one of the most complex, challenging games of solitaire. And the best fantastic feature is in the game is if you don’t know how to play the game, you can try their tutorials in the game. 

In last, we thanks to our viewers for investing their time here. We have researched various most on it and selected the top 5 ones. Hope cleared the doubts, if not write us full of free. And plz don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter box.


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