Top best adventure games in 2021?

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Hello guys, today we are here to talk about or discuss the best adventure games. Adventure games are something different from all types of categories of games. The reason is in adventure games we got to see many enjoyable or unbelievable things. Not understand, then wait and go through our post. After reading the position, you will realize it. Here, we are to give you the best adventure games available on Play Store or App Store. You can face even offline and online both mode in many of the games and many of not. Let’s start the post. 


1. True fear – forsaken souls

True fear has been developed by the digital lounge. It is overall based on a horror storyline gameplay. It is the top-rated game of horror ones. If we talk about a little bit of storyline, you will receive a letter from your sister; the letter is itself in it that you will think has been prepared by someone else or from your Evil. You have to investigate it. The graphics are 3D that are compatible with your smartphone version. It is full of mystery case-solving games. Overall, it is one of the best games of adventure games you should try because you will face unbelievable things. 


2. Criminal Case

Criminal Case has been developed by pretty simple companies or games. If we talk about the storyline, it is overall based on police and thief adventure games. In this, your role is to be the policeman catching the murders victims or criminals. You should notice the murders person, investigate them, find clues on a crime location, and solve the Case. The features we have mentioned above you are going to see inside the game. We have not written much more about it, but we hope you have understood the storyline or gameplay. It is also one of the best ones in the category of adventure games. 

3. Lost lands 1

Lost lands 1 has been developed by Five Bn games. It is a mysterious lost land game. If we talk about the storyline, the story starts with a mother and a son lost in a dark Jungle finding their way home. A man staying alone in the Jungle is helping them find their way to go home. We have described the little details about the storyline. If you want more information, then download the app and go through it. If we talk about the features, then 50 stunning locations to see, 40 different mini-games, 40 puzzles to unlock. Overall it is one of the good ones in the category of adventure games you should try. 

4. Lost lands 2

Lost lands 2 has been developed by Five Bn games. It is also the same one’s adventure games based on his old model lost lands 1. But the difference between both of them is the storyline gameplay. If we talk about the storyline of these adventure games. A brave girl who found herself in lost land, deep dark forests, jungles. She is forced to fight with the black horseman sent by the evil forces to kill her. And a very brave man who is trying to save that girl fighting with the horsemen. These are a few details about the gameplay. The features are the same as old lost land 1. Overall, it is quite good enough to try this because it comes to adventure games. 

In last, we are thankful to our readers or viewers for investing their valuable time here. We have researched various most on it and selected the 4 ones for you to go through it. Hope, cleared your problems not write us full of free. And please don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter box.


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