Top best puzzle games that you love to play in 2021

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Welcome guys, today in this post we are going to talk about or discuss the best puzzle games. Puzzle games is always been quite different to us from other games. The advantage of playing a puzzle game is it sharps your mindset to prepare you for the next level. We think that the puzzle game is a competitive game from other games. Here, go through our post to find different types of best puzzle games.


Roll the ball

Roll the ball has been developed by bit mango. It is little bit been different from other puzzle games. Basically, what you have to do is you will get 14 or 16 blocks you have to slide the blocks in a path to unlock the Steel ball to get to the exit. It is a very challenging type of gameplay. Overall, if we talk about the features then 3000 challenging levels to unlock, no penalties, no time limits unlimited time to understand to solve the game. You also got multiplayer mode inside it. The graphics are 3D and compatible for your smartphone version.


Flow free

Flow free has been developed by Big Duck games LLC. It is also quite similar to other puzzle games. If we talk about the gameplay then you have to connect the matching colours with pipe to create a flow. You have to pair all the colours to each other by the combination of their colour without being getting mixing each other. There are 2500 challenging puzzles to unlock, two modes free modes or trial modes, 3D colourful graphics. Overall it is one of the best ones in puzzle challenging game.

Wood block puzzle

Wood block puzzle has been developed by classic puzzle Block game. It is very much different from other puzzle games. Have, you ever played the tetrix puzzle game if not then come here. It is based on a tetrix puzzle game. You have to move the wood blocks to settle them down in a vertical or horizontal line to clear the ground. If we talk about the features then easy gameplay, the most challenging mode, enjoy without time limits. You can also create scores on leaderboards.

Emoji puzzle

Emoji puzzle has been developed by Supersonic Studios Ltd. It is harder than you think and it is the very much hardest challenging puzzle game. Simply, you have to connect the pairs of emoji emotions by associations. You will see two column from that you have to match the correct pairs of that emoji to second column. The graphics are 3D. You will got online and offline mode both.

Water connect puzzle

Water connect puzzle has been developed by EC Global Pvt Ltd. It is also one of the hardest puzzle game. If we talk about the gameplay then you have to change the directions of the pipes on the ground to flow water on the trees. Now you think that it is easy but listen it is not easy as you think. You will get to know it after downloading the game. If we talk about the features inside the game then no time limits, easy control, various levels to unlock, and many more features. You should to try at once.

In last we are thankful to our readers to invest their time here. We have selected the top most 5 ones puzzles games for you to try. See, later we will add more best ones puzzle games on our blog. Hope, cleared the doubts if not write us full of free. And please don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter box.


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