Top best games to play in 2021?

Welcome readers, here today to talk about or discuss about best games. See, we have already written various post on best games in different categories you can check out them. But today we came with a separate post on best games. Here you will find the best games of all categories which you can got easily on Play Store or App store. Let’s start the post.


Tennis clash

Here we find our first best games. Tennis clash has been developed by wildlife studios. The first of all let’s talk about the gameplay it is a tennis sports game. Here you can play 1 v 1 Tennis game with your friends, families or teammates. There are online multiplayer mode, real time world wide player, stunning 3D graphics to see inside the game. There are three modes to see easy, medium and hard. Overall it is one of the best online multiplayer game to try it. We have written a little bit about it. If you want more details you can go through the app.


I am innocent

Here we find our second best games. I am innocent has been developed by Twinaleblood. See, it is based on investigation type of categories of games. Your role is to be an detective or a policeman you have to search for the murders or victims or criminals of the case. The case is of different types which you got to clear the missions given by the app. Hope, you have understand about the gameplay. Now talk about the features 3D graphics, online and offline mode both as the company has not mentioned various features you get to know after downloading the game.

Drift Max Pro

Here we find our third best games. Drift Max Pro has been developed by Tiramisu. It is overall a car drifting race game where you got to perform different types of drifts or stunts on the tracks. The features of the game are stunning and realistic graphics to see, multiplayer modes to play, various cars to unlock, various different tracks, and many more features you will get to see. We suggest, you to try this one because it is one of the best games in sports category.

Epic cricket

Here we came to the fourth best games. Epic cricket has been developed by Nazara games Limited. This is for cricket lovers or sports lovers. Here in this game you can play online cricket with your friends, families or teammates. It is an offline mode also you can enjoy it also. It gives you the mode to play like test series, quick match, ODI match, and T20 match and the last T10 match. Hope, you already know the gameplay of cricket so we doesn’t requires too much to write about it. Let’s talk about the features inside the game are HD quality graphics that is been adjustable, live commentary of the matches, different batting and bowling style. Overall, it is for cricket lovers if you are the cricket lovers then go through it it is for you.

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