The full history of Garena free fire. you must know.

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Today, in this post, we are talking about the most prominent online gaming company Garena. In this post, we will talk about the CEO of Garena, who founded Garena company, when it was based, which game till now the company has been published and many more details about the company.


Garena is known by its famous name free fire. Now you all off will think what is free fire?  Free Fire is the biggest downloaded and played online games nowadays. Garena free fire is all about online Battle Royale game. It became famous in the year of 2019 when it was most downloaded. In the year of 2020 free fire has won the best esports mobile game of the year.

Who is the owner of Garena company free fire?

Forest Xiadong Li  is the founder and owner of Garena company free fire. He is a Chinese born billionaire businessman. Free fire has been developed by the 111 dots studio.

Garena is a Singapore game developer company. Garena has been founded by forest Xiadong li. Garena launches his most famous online esports game free fire in the year 2017. 

Income of Garena?

Basically in short we will talk about how Garena earns all over the world. As you all know that free fire most famoused game of Garena. Garena earns revenue by selling Diamonds in the Free Fire game. Now you think what is Diamond? Diamond is to purchased by the users in free fire to get most premium guns skin, most premium bundles, emotes, elite pass, season pass, monthly membership, weekly membership and etc. And this diamond is sold by Garena. As i mentioned above by selling this Diamond only Garena generates the revenue all over the world. Now you think what is the total revenue Garena generates per month? From my side think of view Garena generates 15 to 20 million Indian rupees per month from all over the world by selling Diamonds in the free fire game.

Garena developed the game?

Now we will talk about till now how many games has Garena company been developed. The games are Black shot, Mstar, league of Legends, Heroes of newerth, Duke of mount deer, Point blank, perth of exile, elsword, fire fall, lost saga, Thunder strike, Alliance of valiant arms, vindictus, Headshot, Garena Free fire, Blade and soul, fifa online 4, king of elysium, fifa online 3, contra return, Tales Runner, onmyoji, DD Tank, Rising force online, SNK Heroines: tag team frenzy, and the call of duty mobiles. Till now the company Garena has developed total 26 games including Free Fire.


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