Top best science projects for school

What are some ideas for science fair projects? A good science fair project involves the students in a journey of discovery-driven by curiosity the student demon develops an experimental apparatus or procedure that reproduce that area from which the student can draw conclusions to go to the hypothesis to answer the question.


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High school projects

High school science fair projects require a high level of original thought and development. To participate in an upper-level competition, your project should be relevant to current science and technology.

What are some ideas for science fair projects ? Here some of the ideas for science fair:-

Life science

  1. compare the effect of antibiotics on gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
  2. Test the effect of ultraviolet radiation on bacteria growth.
  3. Experiment with plant genetics (plant hybrids, cross breeding).
  4. Run a bioassay to test for toxicity in water or soil.
  5. test factors like smoke or pollution that might affect transpiration rates for plants.
  6. Investigate the effects of increased oxygen or carbon dioxide.
  7. find out the differences in properties and effect of organic chemical fertilizers.

Environmental science

  1. Experiment with expanded uses of solar energy.
  2. Investigate methods of improving home insulation.
  3. Work with methods of processing/recycling non-biodegradable items; experiment with decomposition aids.
  4. Experiment with design and function of wind turbines or water wheels.
  5. Test for harmful effects of pesticides;develope natural/ organic alternatives; the effectiveness of common pesticides such as DEET.

Earth science

  1. Test the concentration and effect of minerals and PH in soil and water samples.
  2. Work with methods for forecasting weather.
  3. Explore methods of erosion prevention, test effects of different soil composition on erosion.
  4. Determine chemical makeup of rain in your area, test possible hazardous effects.
  5. Investigate the effects of sunspots on weather patterns.

Physical science

  1. study acoustic models and methods of noise control.
  2. Experiment with the effect of storage temperature on batteries.
  3. Developed improvements in battery charges; try methods of using solar cells to recharge your batteries.
  4. Build a potato powered battery.
  5. Design a project in advanced robotic programming.
  6. Experiment with building materials that are fire preventative.

Chemistry science

  1. Test the effect of the pH level on the solution on the corrosion iron and copper.
  2. Test the chemical properties and psychological impact of saturated, unsaturated and trans fats.
  3. compare the properties and effects of artificial sweetener vs sugar or other natural sweetener.
  4. Investigate the role of enzymes and yeast.
  5. Experiment with types, effectiveness and the impact on the nutritional value of preservatives in food.

Projects for kids

Tips for better project working by kids.

Don’t do the project for your child, it’s all about your child learning, how to do scientific research, and present their findings on their own they think of themselves as a guide, not an assistant.

when your child is using the sin square idea they want to try to make sure it’s case appropriate.

Make a list of 3 ideas, make sure they understand the steps involved in each project and whether or not they feel comfortable in executing the steps on their own with your guidance.

Encourage your children to explore some ideas based on interests they already have.

Some topics are mentioned here for kids project

  1. Lemon volcano
  2. D i y bouncy balls
  3. Regrow vegetable scraps
  4. Simple circuit
  5. Exploring density with salt
  6. Magic rollback can
  7. Density tower
  8. Dry erase figure
  9. Overnight crystals
  10. Heat sensitive slime
  11. Fake lung
  12. Salty circuits


What are some ideas for science fair projects? In this topic, we have discussed all the science fair projects related to high school and kids one and what are the tips to make it perfect is also mentioned.


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